New Stage Theatre Company, Norristown Educational Theatre & more

It’s gearing up to be a busy January here at Crystalline Studios!


Having filmed the wonderful performance of “Hypnotik: The Seer Will Doctor You Now” by the New Stage Theatre Company at the Theater for the New City in NYC, Crystalline returned to our humble Norristown, PA offices to work on a project for a keystone of the local arts community, The Norristown Educational Theatre, headed by Gene Frank. Both Frank and Crystalline’s Creative Director Matt Conant are on the board of Norristown Arts Hill, working to revitalize this burgeoning district of Montgomery County with arts and cultural events.


NET worked with us to extract some stills and audio from an old VHS tape and turn them into a soundtrack and program image for an upcoming performance. We extracted the video to DVD, imported to computer, and pulled the audio tracks into Final Cut Pro. At that point, we had the task of both extending the length of the track and removing a pesky announcer’s voice that often drowned out the performers. Some creative cutting, condensing, crossfading, and looping later, and we had ourselves an 11 minute CD, plenty of time to cover the pre-show intro, between-act set changes and final bows.


This weekend, we’re back in the editing chamber to build another pre-show musical sequence and a commercial for air on your favorite online networks. More soon! Have a great weekend, everybody.