Commercial, Promotional & Fiction?

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2013 and 2014 have been banner years for us at Crystalline.

Through our creative brand, Cinevore Studios, we’ve been doing a lot of fiction work-for-hire, including four short comedies for video game studio Red 5, and an entire 12-episode season of a webseries called Nerd vs. Geek, produced from concept to distribution entirely by Crystalline’s core team. All of these films and webisodes are now available on Cinevore’s YouTube channel. Better yet, go get yourself a copy of the Nerd vs. Geek Season 1 DVD HERE. If you’re a nerd OR a geek, or just know somebody who might qualify as one, you won’t regret it.

We also began production on a spinoff to Nerd vs. Geek called Society: Why It’s Wrong, which aired five episodes in the spring and ended up legitimately going viral with over 200,000 views to date. Matt’s Nerd vs. Geek character rails against the evils of ridiculous things from blenders to the human body itself! Yet the episode that garnered the most attention was the one taking on the concept of “Fake Geek Girls.” The episode was featured on Geeks Are Sexy and Upworthy, and even being tweeted by Grant Imahara of “Mythbusters.”

The Crystalline/Cinevore team also worked on Angry Video Game Nerd: The Movie for our friends at Cinemassacre. The film is doing a theatrical tour now to sold out audiences across the country. Cinevore assisted in the Philadelphia casting process, as well as production in the film’s Philadelphia unit. Our signage partner David Lucidi st Simco Signs came through with a warehouse in which a lot of the film’s green-screen effects were filmed, and one of our shooters/editors Michael Licisyn and Crystalline combined to lend two cameras to the action sequences at the film’s climax. Crystalline creative director Matt Conant also donned a robot moth suit to play the 50-foot-tall Death Mwuathzyx.

In 2014 thus far, we’ve continued work with non-profit clients like Educating Communities for Parenting, to promote their Baby Watch program, as well as The Accidental Pervert, a hilarious one-man show, now in the 7th year of its off-Broadway run. We’ve been working throughout July and August with new partners at BioMedia Communications, based in New York, on a series of nursing training videos.

And starting this Wednesday, we are excited to announce new client eBay! Crystalline will be acting as video and post-production crews for some commercial events, and possibly more in the coming months.

There’s more in the pipeline, but that’s all we can update you on for now. Feel free to peruse the above links and if you like what you see, maybe we’ll work with you soon!